Will OMULA’s Music Sound Good To The Independent Mariachi?


This is OMULA’s 1st Regional Mariachi Encuentro. Here’s their 1st poster inviting all mariachis to attend. Below you will find their application to participate in the Regional. To attend the Regional it only cost $10. Cost for participating mariachis is $100.

First Encuentro Regional del Mariachi

Organization of the United Mariachis Los Angeles OMULA

And the

Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura IMAC

OMULA's 1st Encuentro Regional del Mariachi poster

 Attention!   All Mariachis in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura, are urged to participate in the 1st Regional Meeting of the Mariachi.

The meetings will take place on May 6, 2012 at Titan Stadium in Fullerton 12-4 pm (800 N State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA, 92632).

This is IMAC and OMULA’s first major event. The event will be released to the all media, Community Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Consulates, Employers, and the public Restauranteurs General. It is estimated that between 5 and 7 thousand people will attend this event

Benefits for Participants Mariachis

  • Membership to 50% off OMULA annual cost of 120 per musician Mariachi
  • There will be a video of his performance at the event
  • Will be given priority in hiring to members of OMULA
  • 100 free tickets for your guests, no limit at 50% off the ticket cost $ 10.0
  • Be recorded and will air the event possibly in channels 22, 54, 62, and 31.4
  • Booth space for each participant for promotion mariachi (Mariachi should bring your tent, chairs and decorations)

Primer Encuentro Regional de Danza Centro Occidente Colima 20

Cost to participants Mariachis $ 100.00 (for video production costs) For more information talk to:  Octavio Hernandez at (310) 755-4502 www.omula.org

Check Out the Registration Form Below:

First Regional Meeting of the MariachiMariachi___________________________________________________________________ nameName ____________________________________________ Phone _____________________ email_______________________________________________________ Director______________________When and where was founded the number of members _________________ __________________________Names of members______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Participation will be required up to 30 minutes and 4 hours on stage in his boot

You Postcards, Posters, Web Page? ______________________________________

is needed to carry at least 1000 post cards and cards

Mariachi Each Participant is entitled to a space (boot) in the event to use advertising should take your 10×10 tent and decorative items and promotional

Signature of Director of Mariachi ___________________________

OMULA Signature _____________________________

registration deadline date ___________ Registration fee __________

Mexican Institute of Arts and Culture IMAC

( Calle Segunda y Constitución s/n, Zona Centro, Tijuana BC CP 22000
Tel/fax (664) 685-5479 y 57     (664) 688-1721 )

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