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Romantic ?  She'll let you know in 15min.Romantic ?  She'll let you know in 15min.image of trio and gent serenading a girl in a window
Trio Group Must Be From Your Local Area


The Requinto is a beautiful Mariachi Guitar with a bright, responsive tone similiar to a Classical guitar, but with a higher pitch and a traditional body style. The Requinto plays lead in Mariachi bands, and is often used to form the "trio romantico," a traditional folkloric style of Mariachi music.

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Some Tips on Hiring Mariachis

1.) Speak to the Group Representative and ask questions.
2.) A regular mariachi group consists of from 5 to 9 members. Three musicians are a trio.

3.) Many groups charge per group member, ask how many members their price includes.

4.) Student groups generally charge less per member, but have larger groups and may have a limited repertoire.

5.) All-Female groups are really great but very few exist. Their rarity commands a premium. Rates are usually 15% to 25% higher than all-male or mixed groups.
6.) If you're in doubt about hiring a certain group, ask to hear a sample of their music, YouTube video or ask to attend a rehearsal. Groups should be happy to oblige.

 7.) You should ask for a contract, especially if you leave a deposit. Make sure it specifies minimum players, per hour rate, number of hours, time allowed for cancellations both sides.
Good groups should have no problem with signing a contract and granting any specific requests (color of suits, female groups, exotic instruments, special songs, hour to begin, etc.,) 

Si usted eres mariachi y necesitas trabajo, visite a la página de solicitudes diario.

If you're a member of a mariachi or trio group and you need a gig, visit the request page everyday for the new listings.

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This is an old Google map film. Mariachi Plaza Station has completed her transformation. Her construction is beautiful and yes... "they're real"

Welcome to Mariachi Plaza
 de Los Angeles
Image of logo for the Mariachis of  Mariachi Plaza De Los Angeles

Another option to hiring a mariachi group online is to visit the famous Mariachi Plaza and speak to some of the group representatives. Most days the plaza is filled with musicians looking to be hired. As potential clients drive by or walk in the plaza, representatives from different groups will offer their business cards in hopes of booking your request. 

The Mariachi and Trios groups have affordable rates and most have references. Groups can vary from 3 (trio) to 9f members.

 Many musicians live in the Mariachi Hotel across from the plaza, or in other parts of the Boyle Heights community.

 The responsibilities our Mariachi carry, comes from many generations of embracing tradition, culture, history, and the proud sense of having something truly wonderful...Mariachi ! 

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